Fire Science Degree Programs In 2013

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If you want to take part in the fire fighting industry and occupy important positions, it is necessary to have a fire science degree because it is one of the most important things that are needed if you are interested to have a career in the fire industry. Taking the right steps in the fire industry can make you successful in it. In most cases, firefighters have a high school diploma, but this is not always enough if you want to occupy more important positions that will give you more responsibilities and of course a better salary. Therefore, it is necessary to go further by having a fire science degree.

Graduates From These Fire Science Colleges Earn A Higher Salary

kaplan university.364x100 Fire Science Degree Programs In 2013

Kaplan University - A.A.S – Fire ScienceB.S – Fire Science & M.P.A – Fire & Emergency Services.
Kaplan College provides a comprehensive variety of recognized online fire science degree levels. Students will have the ability to pick from an Associates, Bachelors, or Advanced Bachelors level in Fire Science. Kaplan University is one of our 4 Top Recommended Universities for Fire Science Degrees.

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grand canyon uni Fire Science Degree Programs In 2013

Grand Canyon University - M.S. in Leadership: Disaster Preparedness & Executive Fire Leadership.

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walden uni 300x82 Fire Science Degree Programs In 2013

Walden University - B.S in Health Studies – Disaster & Emergency Management.
Walden University provides a diverse community of fire science career professionals with the opportunity to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so that they can effect positive social change. Walden University’s B.S. in Disaster and Emergency Management degree educates students in disaster management and analysing threats to public health and safety.

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columbia southern uni Fire Science Degree Programs In 2013

Columbia Southern University - B.S – Fire Science, B.S in Occupational Health & Safety – Fire Science.
Columbia Southern University offers an exciting & challenging education environment for their students to not only be specialized in fire science but also learn about the careers with a fire science degree.

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Fire Science Associates Degree

An Associates Degree in Fire Science is a very good degree from which to start, and the great thing is that it is now being offered by many schools or universities. When in school, you will acquire the necessary skills that are needed in rescuing victims of fire accident, recognizing potential fire hazards, and putting out fire with the use of chemicals and many other suppression methods. These courses make it one of the best fire science degrees to consider.

The career options that will be available to you if you have a fire science Associates degree are:

  1. Forest fire inspector.
  2. Fire safety building inspector.
  3. Arson investigator
  4. Forest equipment specialist

The Associates degree is a popular fire science degree online and it is very good degree to obtain because you will have the skills necessary for responding under emergency and the courses included are:

  • Incident management
  • Fire codes and standards
  • Building construction
  • Extinguishing technologies
  • Alarm systems
  • Fire chemistry

At the same time, you should be prepared to go through some general education courses to get your fire science Associates degree; some of them are English, mathematics and behavioral and social science. Some other technical courses that may be included are fire behavior, hydraulics, and introduction to fire prevention and protection. fire science degree Fire Science Degree Programs In 2013

The duration of the course to obtain a fire science Associates degree is usually a minimum of two years. There are also many excellent online fire science degree, which means it can be obtained through the Internet.

Bachelor of Fire Science Degree

This is the next degree in fire science that you should consider after having your fire fighting Associate degree. A Bachelor degree in fire science will prepare you for more technical or administrative positions in the fire industry. This will expose you to different challenges, and it is necessary to have excellent leadership skills for directing your team of firefighters and conducting detailed investigations of arson.

Some of the popular courses that are under the Bachelor of Science degree in fire fighting are:

  • Report writing
  • Combustion and fire behavior
  • Fire scene operations
  • Health protocols and occupational safety
  • Fire protection hydraulics
  • Hazardous materials
  • Company supervision
  • Industrial fire protection
  • Fire science law
  • Community education planning

Having a fire science Bachelors degree is one of the stepping stone towards a successful fire fighting career because it gives you the opportunity to advance into different management positions at the Federal, state and local levels. One of the fire science degree requirements is to go through at least 120 credit hours before you will be awarded this degree.

Other Fire Science Degrees

Apart from the associate and bachelor’s degrees in fire science, there are many other degrees that can help you in occupying many position in the fire fighting industry. The two popular ones you may consider are emergency management degree, and a degree in safety and health.

Having the right fire science degree qualification gives you an opportunity to be paid a higher salary, especially if you are working in the city instead of the rural areas. There is also more demand for a fire fighter with a degree in fire science in the city than in remote locations. In the fire industry, having an education is very important but with a combination of a fire science degree and experience, this is what makes a successful career in the fire industry. Enquire for a fire science degree now in any of our recommended fire science colleges now.

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